If Only: A Diva to the Guides Prequel, a Metaphysical Romance from Grace Augustine

Grace Augustine is here today to tell us more about her latest release If Only: A Diva to the Guides Prequel, a Metaphysical Romance. Welcome, Grace!

About If Only: A Diva to the Guides Prequel:

IF ONLY…A Diva to the Guides Prequel to Ethereal Authority is available through Amazon only in ebook form and free on KU. The Diva to the Guides Trilogy is metaphysical romance and not intended for readers under 18 yrs of age.

Charisse Carrington has loved flying since she first went up in an airplane at a county fair when she was eight years old. Her fascination led to a pilot’s license at eighteen, and a job as a helicopter pilot with the local police department drug enforcement office. Her special metaphysical abilities place her in an awkward position when details of a crime are revealed to her in a dream vision that she must share with Mark.

To Mark Seymour, there’s nothing better than putting drug pushers out of business. He’s the top undercover drug cop in town. He is handsome, with or without his disguises, has a penchant for beautiful women, and dedicates himself to making his community a better place.

Mark and Charisse join forces to solve a double homicide, a kidnapping, and other issues that may tear apart their relationship.

Excerpt from If Only: A Diva to the Guides Prequel:

  Charisse Carrington sprang to a sitting position, drenched in a cold sweat. She crossed her legs, yoga style, and elbowed her bed partner.

“Mark! Mark!” Charisse exclaimed.

            She jostled him again before turning on the Tiffany lamp on her night stand.

            “Oh, for crying out loud! Mark, wake up! I’ve got it, I know where they’re hiding the hostages.”

            Mark rolled over and faced Charisse. He swept a hand over his sleepy eyes and continued the movement until his fingers laced through his hair.

            “What’s going on, honey? Are you alright?” he inquired.

            Charisse huffed a sigh, squared her shoulders, and looked at Mark.

            “I know where the hostages are, and I know who they are…they aren’t who the department thinks.”

            There was deep concern in Charisse’s voice. Mark knew that concern all too well. He’d learned to listen when she had these weird-assed dreams…or premonitions…or whatever the hell they were.

            Mark propped up against the pillows.  He ran his hand down her arm and linked fingers with hers.

            “Talk to me,” Mark urged.

            “Okay…now, the department thinks it’s the Cable brothers that are missing. They may be missing, but the drug ring isn’t the culprit,” Charisse paused. “Mark, there are children involved.”

            “What?” Mark half exclaimed, half questioned.

            Charisse nodded her head and chewed her bottom lip, a habit she’d fallen into when she second guessed her intuition.

            Mark brought his hand up to her cheek and shook his head.

            “No, stop. Now’s not the time to chase after your words. Focus…please. Tell me what you saw.”

            Charisse took a deep breath and closed her eyes, hoping to recount her dream vision.

            “There are three children, two boys, one girl. The boys are maybe eight and ten. The girl is four-ish. They were huddled together in a dark corner, almost like a cave. The little girl had dirt on her face and her hair was matted…almost like she’d been bleeding.”

            Charisse shivered, but continued.

            “There were male voices in the distance. I couldn’t make out what they said. The older of the boys was assuring the other two that they would get out of there and be home soon. His words only made the little girl whimper quietly.

            “The older boy had sandy colored hair, blue jeans, and a black tee shirt that had mud on it. He was barefoot. The other boy was dressed similar, but his hair was longer and blonder. The little girl wore pink elephant print pajamas. Mark, all of them were barefoot.”

About Grace Augustine:

Editor and award-winning author, Grace Augustine, writes in several genres: romance, metaphysical romance, self-help, poetry, contemporary, and Christian romantic suspense. She loves hearing from her readers and may be contacted via  


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