Sisters Tell All Part 1: TMI and Editing Erotica

I would like to thank my sisters, who are also my editors, beta readers, sounding boards and so much more, for sharing some of their insights into life with a romance author. Welcome to my three wonderful sisters.

TMI Sisters Tell All


We are the sisters of Madison Michael. After years working in a staid, unremarkable corporate job, one day, our normally reserved sibling announced she would become an author – – not just an author, but a romance writer. We quickly learned that in today’s world, being a romance writer apparently requires a healthy knowledge of sexual gymnastics, mixed together with formulaic plot lines (lovers, conflict, resolution).


You don’t want to imagine your parents or siblings having sex, do you? How do you think we feel when we are reading descriptions of steamy, mind-blowing sex written by our baby sister?! To make it even worse, we are not only reading for the action, but reading to make sure these sexual feats are even possible!

It is perfectly natural that Madison would ask to sisters to be her editors and beta readers, but it might stretch the bounds of sisterhood to ask us to read hot, explicit sex scenes set in garages, elevators and on sidewalks, let alone in bedrooms. Now think about us sitting at our computers, trying to wrap our heads around the idea that our little sister might have actually lived those scenes! Do we need to know if Madison actually had her backside fondled by a stranger in an elevator as in Bedazzled? Has Madison had a torrid interlude with her caregiver while recovering from an injury as in Bedeviled? Or to put it simply, does Madison, our sister, have a vast history of sexual activities and proclivities that have so far been undiscovered by her family?


As her readers and editors, sometimes we need to concentrate on the physicality of these acts. Can one really move in the way required to accomplish these acrobatics? Here’s a little secret about how Madison works out the details. While writing a particularly intense scenario, Maddy might realize she is asking too much of her Beguiling Bachelor. How does she check this?

If you’re Madison, you invite your boyfriend to the bedroom to do a little role playing. We are told that the boyfriend is a willing accomplice. If you’re a writer, it is apparently more important to work out the physical placements than it is to complete the actual act. Madison hopped up to continue writing, and we don’t know what he did to complete his part of the scene. We didn’t dare ask!

This is a lot of information for family members to absorb, of course, especially when we are asked to review these scenes frequently, for blog inputs, short stories and novels. Maddy writes quite a bit.

So as you can see, reading and editing romance novels can have a paralyzing effect on family get-togethers and communication. Sometimes there really is TMI – too much information!

We will be back after recovering from the embarrassment of talking about our sister’s sex life to get into the nuts and bolts of editing – yes, we will reveal just how frustrating it is to find out that your sister needs help with the rules on punctuation despite all that education!



Bedazzled – Beguiling Bachelors (book 1)

Beholden – Beguiling Bachelors (book 2)

Bedeviled – Beguiling Bachelors (book 3)

Bewildered – a Beguiling Bachelor Prequel



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Into The Sunrise, a contemporary romance from Kathryn Jane

Today I have the pleasure of hosting Kathryn Jane.  She is here to tell us about Into the Sunrise. I am excited to hear more about Into the Sunrise, it sounds like such a great story. I can’t wait to read more about it. Thank you for stopping by today Kathryn Jane.

Into The Sunrise:

About Into the Sunrise:
Love, and children. A simple enough goal, but always out of Dusty’s reach.

She’s tough, successful, and respected for her talents and work ethic, but it’s not enough. Piloting thousands of pounds of horseflesh at breakneck speeds is exhilarating and great fun, but she’d give up her career in a heartbeat for a man she could love and raise children with. A man who could love her despite her many imperfections.

Chase hasn’t laid eyes on Dusty since she was a kid, and is in for a shock when she suddenly shows up on his ranch. But life for Chase has always been complicated by the spirituality of his people. His respect for the Elders is soul deep, and not something he can put aside. Even for the woman he loves.

Travels to the Australian Outback and New Mexico bring both Chase and Dusty a new understanding of Native American spirituality before returning to Canadian ranch country. And years of love, pain and personal discovery are part of the journey to a hard won happily ever after.

Excerpt from Into the Sunrise:
There was a tiny nightlight glowing on the far side of the bed, and the covers were turned down. She peeled off her clothes, crawled in, and instantly wished the room would stop spinning.
The side of the bed dipped under his weight.
“Did you say your prayers?”
“I’m not a kid anymore.”
He leaned over and braced a hand on either side of her. “No? Then why am I babysitting?”
His warmth spread over her, seeped under her skin. She stared into stormy gray eyes and imagined how they would change, heat up with desire.
And she couldn’t help herself. Wanting to taste him, she twisted her hand into the front of his shirt and pulled him down toward her. “I’m all grown up now, cowboy, and…”
He didn’t resist, and when she’d drawn him down until his lips were only a breath away from touching hers, she continued, “…and I don’t need mistletoe.”
Her other hand slid around his neck, and he made no attempt to pull away while she kissed him until she was wishing she could crawl inside his skin. Reality slapped at her, and she abruptly let him go.
“If you were sober, and I wasn’t babysitting right now, you’d have hell to pay for that.” His voice was low, sexy.
“Talk’s cheap,” she taunted.
He held her challenging gaze for what seemed like forever, and then his mouth was grazing her forehead, her cheekbone, sliding down to her throat. Then stopped.
When she opened her eyes to meet his serious stare, she saw something she didn’t recognize. Slowly, ever so slowly, his lips teased hers until a groan escaped her, and he took possession of her mouth, ignited a fire between them that caught her by surprise. She wound her arms around his neck and gloried in the feel of his hands on her bare flesh.
She slid her fingertips under his T-shirt, touched his heated skin, and he wrenched away. Kept moving until he was out the door and out of sight.
She heard a door slam, and imagined him out on the porch, gulping clean night air while she battled conflicting emotions.
Joy fought with guilt, and there was no clear winner before sleep claimed her.

About the Author: 

Award winning author, Kathryn Jane writes spine tingling romantic suspense and gut wrenching women’s fiction as well as heartwarming short stories about feral cats.
Her diverse background as an emergency dispatcher, racehorse trainer, and corporate manager lends itse


lf to page turning plots with exciting twists and turns. Kat believes that all fiction should end happily and refuses to write any other way.
In her spare time, she loves walking alongside the Pacific Ocean, volunteering as a feral cat snuggler, and painting rocks to hide at the beach—hoping the discovery of one will put a smile on a stranger’s face. Kathryn believes kindness, optimism and positive thinking will eventually make the world a better place.


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Responding on Quora: Getting to the ‘Heart’ of Fiction


“Writing fiction feels like an adventurous act, nudging aside reality a word at a time.” 
― James Van Pelt

Although I was still avoiding Instagram completely, and all but ignoring LinkedIn,  I believed I had become sophisticated in my use of social media over the last year. But not too long ago I got a taste of how much I had yet to learn when I discovered Quora . It turns out that there are tons of social media  I didn’t even know existed, and more becoming available every day.

Meet Quora

If you haven’t checked out Quora you are in for a treat. People from all over the world submit questions from the ridiculous to the sublime. Sometimes the ridiculous make sense, if only you had some background information to help put the question in context, like “Where is the best place to llve in Chicago?”. I would imagine ‘best’ depends on who you are and what you want.

Sometimes you could write a book (or several) to answer a question. For example, “What are the best strategies for social media marketing?” has an entire section devoted to it in the library. Other questions are just ridiculous in their own right, but very entertaining, such as “Why do I hate horror movies?”. The sublime questions, for me at least, are the ones that ask about writing, publishing and novels. No surprise there.

A Bit about Quora

On Quora, anyone can answer any question and sometimes I am the anyone submitting the answers. . It seems that people enjoy reading my responses on the topic of romance novels. It was quite a surprise when Quora notified me that I am the most viewed writer on the topic of romance novels. Pretty cool. If people like my answers, they can ‘upvote’ them, similar to adding a ‘like’ on Facebook. When I get an upvote, it feels like winning an Oscar. Very cool!

One of the other useful things about Quora is that by perusing it, I can discover what’s on people’s minds. First, I select the categories I am interested in following – mine are Chicago, Writing, Romance Novels and the like. Then, when people have questions on these topics, Quora sends them my way to answer, or I can just go exploring to see what people are discussing on any topic. Horror films are popular now that Halloween in approaching, and sadly, there are many questions regarding dealing with depression.

The Question in Question

You might ask why I am mentioning Quora now. Sure, I wanted to brag about being most viewed, but that’s not my real purpose here. The reason I am mentioning Quora now is that someone submitted a question that I chose to answer. First, the question really resonated with me so that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Second, I felt compelled to answer it. Finally, it has been getting a lot of upvotes, more than 10% of viewers have given it kudos

The question read as follows” How do I tell my traditional (slightly homophobic) family that I’m writing an LGBT romance novel and enjoying it?”

This  struck an instant chord with me and I immediately decided I wanted to answer it. I should mention for the sake of clarity that I do not write LGBT fiction, but I still considered myself a good source to reply. I knew nothing about the questioner, not their gender, their age, nothing. Just the small amount of information I could glean from their question.

Why did I feel so strongly that I could provide a good answer to the questioner? Because the question was about writing fiction. Regardless of the specifics, the real question was about discussing the novels you write with your family and friends. For me the issue was writing erotic romance, for the questioner it was LGBT romance.

Here was my position. It is fiction – not fact – that we are writing. Perhaps the questioner is writing LGBT fiction from personal experience, perhaps not. Maybe he/she/they do not want to come out to their parents, or maybe they just find the topic one they explore. I will never know. It didn’t matter to my answer. It doesn’t matter, period.

The Essence of Fiction

Take a closer look at fiction authors. I write about billionaires. Trust me, I am not a billionaire myself, but that’s okay because I write fiction. My characters are under 40, I am not. Sure, I like to read paranormal romance sometimes, but never once have I assumed that the author is a vampire, or a shapeshifter, or – God forbid – both! I don’t believe that authors like Julia Quinn lived through the regency period, that Alice Hoffman experiences magic in her life on a daily basis or that Diana Gabaldon traveled through time. We write fiction.

That’s the wonderful thing about fiction. Each author decides how much or how little of themselves to include in the pages of their books. They can tell their own story, changing the names to protect the guilty or innocent, or they can do copious research to create a story against a realistic backdrop. They can even make up everything they write, creating worlds that will never exist but that we will love forever. It’s fiction in every case.

I have never eaten at Tru, or been on the Navy Pier Ferris wheel. I had a lovely time exploring them for my novel Bedeviled, but for me they were a setting that I researched, not experienced first hand. Although I wish I could say I have, I never stayed in a mansion on the shores of Lake Tahoe.  Looking at real estate and choosing a house to use for inspiration in Beholden was almost as much fun as finding gorgeous models for my covers. They may have been inspired by reality but still, they were all fictional.

Keeping Fiction –well – Fictional

Personally, I think life would be very dull if our fiction were all written by authors who had to experience what they wrote. We would be missing John Scalzi’s Lock In which is one of my favorite books, or Alice in Wonderland, for that matter. My own books would not exist either,

My advice to the questioner was to remember and embrace the fiction aspect of their LGBT writing. Whatever their interest in the genre, they choose to write about it for their own personal reasons, reasons their family never need understand. Instead, their family should do as I did – wish the author success in their venture. LGBT fiction has a large demand that this author can help to fulfill. That is sufficient reason. Many authors write to market.

I write erotic fiction, and I have touched on the subject of the sex in my books here on my blog before. My interested and intrepid readers regularly bombarded me with questions about my sex scenes, wanting to discover if they are based on first hand experience. I get asked about the characters in my books, or stories I tell, as if I have lived every moment I put on paper. I am grateful that my readers find my work realistic, and that they are curious enough to keep reading my novels.

Come a little Closer…

So here is a little something – a tiny tidbit – that I am willing to confide to you. Some of my scenes are based on my personal experience. A few of the characters are inspired by relationships in my past, including the sex scenes.

Oh no, I’m not going to tell you which ones. Use your imaginations. After all, this is still fiction.

Only one week until the release of Sultry Nights, a limited time Romance collection that includes the full version of my novel Bedeviled. Grab your copy of my novel and the works of 21 other terrific authors, all for only 99¢.



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 Kai, a Paranormal Romance from Valerie Ullmer

I am honored to have Valerie Ullmer visiting today. Welcome Valerie! I am excited to hear more about Kai and your writing process. 

What is your favorite place to write?

I have a desk next to the window in my living room. I love fall days because I can open the window and smell the grass (it’s been extremely warm this fall in Colorado). For some reason, the quiet of the neighborhood allows my mind to settle and I can get to writing.

What inspires you as an author?

Everything. Reading, TV, seeing couples outside interact, a casual conversation between friends, a dream. And most of all, other authors. Those who aren’t afraid to bounce an idea off other writers, those who are bold and write a book that they want to read.

Why do you write romance?

To be honest, it’s the happily ever after. There is no subtlety about that. The author can torture her characters as much as he or she wants, but if there’s no happily ever after, I’m
devastated. I love the intricate story of how one person falls in love with another person.

What are you working on next and when do we expect to see it?

Well, I have completed a short M/M romance Christmas story call You for Christmas, and it will be available for free in the middle of December, along with a novella from my Unexpected series, called Unwrapped. Unwrapped will be more toward a Christmas release. Also, I’m working on Jade, the fourth Dark Assassins Novel, set for a February 2018 release.

 Kai (A Dark Assassins Novel Book One)

Kai Blurb:

There are two words that described Kai.

Remote and Deadly.

And until six months ago, he was fine with that description. But when the
vampire assassin spots a curvaceous woman, a human no less, who would come
to fill his thoughts, he would gladly shake his persona for a moment in
time with her. Instead, he kept his distance, watching out for her and
learning more about her every time their paths crossed. But he had yet to
speak to her. When a turn of events thrusts her into his solitary life, he
must decide whether to complete his assignment, or protect her.

Olivia Sabin had dedicated her life to her work; finding a cure for
cancer. She had hidden behind the mask of a scientist who cares little
about anything beyond her laboratory, and for a long while she believed it
herself. But when a mysterious man came to frequent the diner she visited
nightly, her awareness of him devastated her concentration, and she came
to look forward to the glimpses of him, however brief.

When she stumbles upon a horrific experiment at work, she knows he’s the
only one she can turn to. She’s willing to sacrifice everything in order
to protect him and others of his kind from the same fate. But first, she
needs to find a way to get him to hear her explanation.

Amazon Buy Link

Excerpt from Kai:

That was the moment he spotted her from the corner of his eye.
Her mass of cascading dark, curly hair bounced against the burgundy
mid-length trench coat wrapped tightly around her to ward off the chill of
the late September night. But with her head tilted down, he was unable to
see her face. Even from the distance of over two hundred yards, he could
hear her mumbling to herself. As hard as he listened, he couldn’t quite
make out the words. The coat did nothing to cover her curves hidden
underneath, and he found himself enthralled by the sway of her hips. His
gaze traveled down her curvy body, and his groin tightened with every step
she took.

Before he could contemplate his actions, he leapt from the deck and flew
down the mountain, stopping when he stood, hidden in the darkness, a few
feet from her. He forced himself to widen the distance between them, and
started trailing her.

Experience and his enhanced senses kept him out of sight from her and the
others who ventured out on the cold night. He soon found that she was so
absorbed in whatever happened to be on her mind that he could have stood
right in front of her, and she would’ve ignored him and kept walking.

He trailed her as she closed in on the diner on the corner, learning that
the small eatery was her destination on most nights. She chose that
moment to brush her long hair out of her face. With that tiny movement,
her fragrance of lemongrass and green apple drifted back toward him. A
low snarl erupted from his throat as his body stiffened in shock; the
unexpected reaction to her scent was so fierce, he was torn between his
instant desire for her and self-preservation. The sound he hadn’t managed
to smother must’ve reached her, because her head turned toward him and her
brows drew down in confusion. A split second before her eyes landed on
where he stood, he stepped back, pissed at his infinitesimal loss of
control. A silent sigh of relief passed his lips as she shook her head,
not able to spot in him the dark, and continued on her way.

In his over two hundred year existence, he’d never been attracted to a
human. Blood was the one reason that he interacted with humans, and even
that could be taken from a donor without him having him drink from the
source. But as he tried to pass off a reason he reacted to her in such an
elemental way, he continued to follow her, finding himself outside the
door that read Blue Plate Diner. Obscured by the door, his eyes tracked
movement as the waitress greeted her as if they were old friends. For a
reason he couldn’t fathom, he felt a surge of jealousy. He was still a
stranger to this captivating human, and she intrigued him.

Without quite knowing why he had followed her, he opened the door and
walked into the chrome and tiled cafe, taking the time to pull up the hood
of his sweatshirt. He scanned the place and settled for a booth at the
back of the restaurant, where he could watch her without being detected.

By the time he’d sat down and scanned for any possible dangers, she had
pulled out a laptop along with a sheaf of papers filled with formulas he
couldn’t decipher. Between typing and writing in the margins of the
already filled pages, the concentration on her work was total.

He found himself mesmerized by the play of emotions on her face as she
worked. A smile for when she figured out a problem, or a frown when
something didn’t quite fit, and everything in between. He couldn’t take
his eyes off of her. When she bit her lip in concentration, it took all
of his control to keep his distance from her. He found that he had to
grip the table to keep himself still, when all he wanted to do was devour

Thank you so much for having me on your blog!!
Valerie Ullmer
Paranormal, Contemporary, and Erotic Romance Author

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Sultry Nights A Limited Edition Romance Collection

Sultry Nights 

A Limited Edition Romance Collection

Containing Stories from: 

Nicole Morgan, Jocelyn Dex, Alison Foster, 
Kate Richards, Linda O’Connor, Samantha Holt, Jerrie Alexander, 
Whitley Cox, Krista Ames, Ursula Sinclair, Measha Stone, Tuesday Embers, 
Siera London,  Rachel Shane, Bonnie Phelps, Misha Elliott, 
Alyson Reynolds, Jenna Bayley-Burke,  Madison Michael, 
Pepper Goodrich, Marcia James, Destiny Blaine

 The authors are giving away lots of goodies with this tour. Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Don’t forget  you may increase your chances of winning by visiting the other tour stops. You may find those locations here.

About Sultry Nights:
Love, passion, romance and desire… No matter what your preference, this set of 22 hot and sexy reads has just what you need. From surprise love affairs to bad boys that we can’t help but fall for, and couples that were meant to be, this compilation from Romance Collections is sure to please your every single need.

Sultry Nights Buy Links:



Bedeviled by Madison Michael

Charlotte Roche is escaping a menacing threat in Boston when she moves to Chicago for a new job and a new man. Alex is smart, sexy and quickly getting under Charlotte’s skin. A shared love of running gives the sassy beauty an excuse to be near her heart’s desire, but can Charlotte run Alex from the track to the bedroom without divulging her past and risking everything?
Alex Gaines, wealthy banker and philanthropist, has held women at arm’s length all his life to protect long-held secrets of his own. Now he is torn between loving the alluring Charlotte and protecting his dual lives. Can Alex trust Charlotte with the truth or is risking his fortune and family to pursue her? Can the two fall in love when they are bedeviled by lies and half-truths?
When danger follows Charlotte to Chicago threatening her safety and their futures, Charlotte and Alex a forced to make a hard decision – choose the secrets of their past or a future together.
Bedeviled is the third novel in the Beguiling Bachelor series, a trio of steamy contemporary romances set amidst the luxury of Chicago’s elite society.

Flirting With Fate By Jerrie Alexander

There is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed. 
–Napoleon Bonaparte
Elle Reagan isn’t about to stand by and let a con-artist get away with stealing her grandmother’s life savings. While the legal system moves at a snail’s pace, Elle promises to bring him to justice. She follows him to a ski resort in Colorado, where she hopes to get the evidence needed to put him away for good. But she didn’t count on her roommate being a distraction, because he wasn’t supposed to be her brother’s best friend.
Detective Logan Ford has denied his desire to take Elle into his arms since they were teenagers, but when his partner asks him to follow her to Castle Alainn to keep her out of trouble, Logan finds himself unable to refuse her. He agrees to help catch a thief instead of convincing her to pack her bags and go home. To make matters worse, he can’t seem to remember why he should keep his distance from the delectable, infuriating, independent Elle. 
Elle and Logan surrender to their attraction, but as their passion ignites, her plot is discovered. A killer will do whatever it takes to silence her and destroy a love that was destined to last a lifetime.

 All I Want By Misha Elliott


She wanted to know what would happen if she dared to kiss him. The boy who filled so many of her dreams and fantasies was here, right now with her. How hot would it be to feel his lips against her own? 

  • Their playful game sparked a flame. She could only hope that a kiss would ignite an inferno. 

Love Unleashed By Marcia James


His best laid plans…
DJ “Rabid Ron” Hart has a grand scheme to win back the woman he loves. It involves an animal adoption fair, a goofy hairless dog named Charlie and an offer she can’t refuse.
Her hidden desires…
Cara Wilson has fantasies she’s never admitted, and her ex-boyfriend still features in her erotic dreams. If only he didn’t keep his bad-boy urges so tightly leashed.

Tonight they’ll learn that winning sometimes takes losing control.

Forbidden Distraction By Siera London 
Sex therapist, Dr. Vivianne Sloan is the consummate professional. Adhering to the highest ethical standards and doling out her vast clinical expertise, her clients are seeing a heat wave in the bedroom while Vivianne has to get hers from the Florida sun. Looking for some sexual healing, the one man she fantasizes about, a fellow colleague and her boss is strictly off-limits.

Obstetrician Gynecologist, Jared Pierce, has a flourishing medical practice. Outside of caring for his mother, there’s nothing he spends more time on, except thinking about Vivianne Sloan. She’s a distraction he can’t live with or without. He wants to teach her everything he knows about the art of lovemaking, but the woman plays by the rules.

When Vivianne decides to serve as a sexual surrogate, Jared is driven to give the shy beauty a dose of passion so potent she becomes addicted after one night in his arms. What happens when these two forbidden lovers decide to break the rules?


Quick & Dirty By Whitley Cox

The best way to get over a millionaire is to get under a billionaire.

Humiliated and angry Parker Ryan is ready to erase every last trace of her ex from her mind, body, and soul. Of course she can be adventurous. Exciting. Sexy. No matter what he said. She needs an exorcism, and Tate McAllister and the island of Moorea in Tahiti are just the man and place to do it. Tate is perfect for the job: billionaire resort owner, scuba instructor, philanthropist and, let’s face it, sex god. So maybe the affair isn’t the wisest move when she has to write her damn feature piece and review the hotel, but if he’s ready and willing to wow her in and out of the bedroom for the next ten days, the fling will be worth it. Parker can get the job done and have Tate fulfill all her fantasies, and she won’t, repeat won’t fall in love with the man. Even if every part of her wants to.
She thought she could run, but he’d never let her get away.
Sarah Bennet walked has finally found the break in her career. The sort of story to win her a byline in a serious newspaper. The only problem is, the people in the story don’t want it told. And they are willing to do anything to stop her. 

Jeremy has watched Sarah from the sidelines as she’s progressed in career as a journalist waiting for the moment that he can finally retake what he lost years ago. He will protect her. He will save her from her recklessness. And by the time he’s done, he will own her.

Carried Away by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Lust brought them together. Will love tear them apart?

Any woman would willingly lock lips with sexy Mateo Torres.
But probably not on stage.
During a lap dance.
At her ex’s bachelor party.

Any man would easily get wrapped up in Carrie Nielson.
But probably not with a crowd cheering them on.
For his last performance.
As an exotic dancer.

Mateo has a past as dark as his eyes, but the best way to convince everyone she hasn’t lost her damn mind is to pretend they’re lovers.

Until they’re not pretending.

Frozen- The Martini Lounge by Ursula Sinclair

Ever have that one perfect moment in time, when you know exactly what you’re supposed to do, who you’re supposed to be in life? Well, that had been me, and it certainly had lasted for more than a moment. I’d decided to pledge myself to God and help others in his name. Selfless, that was me
and I was weeks away from taking my final vows. Then something happened, I met someone and suddenly I questioned everything.


I’ve always lived my life on my terms. Granted, I never thought I’d grow up to be a male stripper. But what the hell, I made good money and now, I had a shot at something more. And the women. Yeah, I loved women but they came and went. I preferred it that way. Didn’t matter which of us left first, as long as one of us did. I didn’t do attachments. Then something happened. I’m no saint, but I saved someone and wanted an attachment.

Only to find out I could never have her.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Breaking Trip, A BDSM MC Romance from Eden Rose

I am so excited to have Eden Rose here this week to tell us about her upcoming release, Breaking Trip.  This sounds like a nice steamy read that is perfect for the cold weather that some of us are having. Welcome Eden!

💖° °•💖 Pre-Order •💖° °•💖

Breaking Trip: A BDSM MC Romance

The Lucifer’s Lair Book 5

 By Eden Rose

About Breaking Trip:

There was no doubt in his mind that he had to have her. Had to possess her. But first, he would have to train her.

It all started with a text message.

Just one itty-bitty text message from a complete stranger that set my world ablaze.

The stranger told me to call him Duke and he’s now my master. He sends me these erotic text messages and I’m all too eager to comply with what he wants. Does it make me less of a woman that his demands turn me on?

All we’ve done is text. I call him and leave him messages while I’m complying with his demands but he never answers. How can a stranger turn me so inside out but not want to meet me?

I’m about to get my answer. He’s someone who I met before. The problem? He’s a tattoo artist and the newest member of The Lucifer’s Lair MC. What could an outlaw see in a psychology student?

The man makes me feel alive. Makes me feel like I have just been awaken and I love it.

Everything is going good until it wasn’t. A chance encounter with his ex-girlfriend cements the truth that I knew all along. I don’t belong in his world.

Trip is hypnotic. He has become the air I breathe. He has become as necessary to me as oxygen. The man has stripped me bare and made me so vulnerable that I didn’t even realize the danger I was in.

Until it’s too late and I’m staring down the barrel of a gun.

Eden’s Bio:

I always think it’s funny when people refer to themselves in third person- “Eden likes this” or “Eden likes that!”

Hi, I’m Eden Rose! I absolutely love criminal justice and history. I’m full of useless information but I’m great at trivia. I’m also a big Marilyn Monroe fan to the point where my wedding was themed 1950’s.

I’ve lived in three countries and a whole bunch of states. Needless to say, I’ve got gipsy blood in me. I grew up in Michigan after my family decided to plant some roots. As a professional new kid in school, I was able to fabricate interesting stories about my previous life and entertain myself with the stories that I came up with.

I’m a big story teller, I love sharing my ideas with everyone and until about two years ago, I just kept it to my immediate circle. One day, Savannah and Vincent popped in my head and didn’t leave me alone. I knew they needed a story. After much deliberation, I decided to publish my story and then the rest was history.

Stay tuned because I have a ton of ideas that are dying to be written down for you to devour and obsess over. My books are full of alpha males and sassy women who give as much as they take. Thank you for all your support and love given to me to help me pursue my dream.

Author Links:

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Anxiety, a Romantic Suspense from H.D. Thomson #Giveaway

Complete Series – Episodes 1 through 6
by H.D. Thomson

H.D. Thomson is giving away a fabulous prize package during the tour. Please use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Remember you may increase your chances of winning by visiting the other tour stops. You may find those locations here

About Anxiety:

Jake Preston is on borrowed time.

If he doesn’t stumble upon a miracle and soon, he’ll end up dead. And even if he does, he still might end up dead with a clever killer hounding his heels. He believes that the one miracle and antidote to save him is in Margot Davenport’s house, across the country and miles away from Boston. Somewhere locked in her home is the key to reversing an experiment that is killing him with each breath he takes.

Margot doesn’t particularly care if she ends up dead.

She’s lost everything she’s ever cared for. A divorce and the loss of her job as a corporate lawyer has left her with little faith in herself or in anyone else. Most importantly, she’s lost the one person on this earth she’s looked up to and cherished–her brother, Johnny. His death in a car accident has devastated her, and she can’t find the willpower to pull herself from the chasm she’s fallen into. Her only solace is at the bottom of a wineglass. Having moved back to the small town in northern Arizona where she was raised, she’s made a point of isolating herself both mentally and physically from everyone other than a few chosen friends. Little does she know that her life is going to explode into chaos.

Amazon US | Amazon CA | Amazon UK | Amazon AU

Excerpt from Anxiety:

She opened her mouth to scream.
“It’s me, Jake,” he said from the darkness, holding onto her arms to steady her.
She let out a long, shaky breath. “What was that?” she asked in a hushed voice. “You must have heard it. It sounded so awful.”
“It was your cat.”
“But I could have sworn it sounded more human than—”
“I stepped on his tail.” He cleared his throat. “Scared the hell out of both of us. He took off somewhere. Sorry about getting you out of bed.”
“I’m just glad I found out what it was. But what are you doing up?”
“I couldn’t sleep.”
Relaxing, she glanced up, only to be blinded by the night. Thick, black and total, it draped over Jake and everything around her. His hands, warm and strong, grasped her upper arms. She grew conscious of the coolness of the house, of the silk of her nightgown against her skin, but most importantly of Jake, of the deep woodsy scent of his after-shave and how his hands, minus the gloves, were now slowly sliding up and down her arms. Her toes curled beneath her. He smelled like what she envisioned a man should smell like. Desire lapped against her skin until it seeped through her flesh and took hold of her body.
He slid a hand up her arm and over a shoulder to cup her throat, while the other curled around her waist to press against the small of her back, inching her closer to the heat of his body. She met his lips halfway, opening her mouth beneath his. The kiss deepened, demanded and took. She raised a hand to feel his own against her throat. He had a long fingered, strong hand, the skin smooth and flawless over the tendons and knuckles. She touched his face, his neck, his shoulders. Against her palms, his skin was satin over hard muscle. He was all male, all power.
He hauled her closer, pressing her sensitized breasts against his chest as his tongue mated with hers. His desire thrust against the shallow hollow of her hips. The thick, hardness of him scorched through the material of her gown to her belly and turned her legs to liquid. She slid her hands over the sleek texture of his naked back, over the muscles and tendons, down across the indentation along his spine and lower.
She froze.
He was entirely, absolutely, completely naked, every male inch of him. She whimpered as her breath came out in short, shallow pants, and desire slammed against her, painful in its intensity.
Margot stiffened. Oh, God. Had she completely lost it? Where was her sanity, her morals? She hardly knew this man. 
“No!” She dragged in a lungful of air. “This is all wrong!”

Author Bio:

H.D. Thomson moved from Ontario, Canada as a teenager to the heat of Arizona where she graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S. in Business Administration with a major in accounting. After working in the corporate world as an accountant, H.D. changed her focus to one of her passions-books. She owned and operated an online bookstore for several years and then started the company, Bella Media Management. The company specializes in web sites, video trailers, ebook conversion and promotional resources for authors and small businesses. When she is not heading her company, she is following her first love-writing.

Website Link:
Amazon Author Page:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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A DOSE OF DANGER , a Romantic Suspense from Kim McMahill

Kim McMahill is here today to tell us about A Dose of Danger. This book sounds really good so I am excited to read more about it. Welcome Kim! Thank you so much for stopping by today.

A Dose of Danger

How far will a deadly group go to control the multi-billion dollar-a-year diet product industry, and can anyone stop them?

Find out in the Risky Research Series, anaction-packed romantic suspense adventure. The first novel, A Dose of Danger, is set in the wilds of Wyoming (blurb and excerpt below). Book two, A Taste of Tragedy, takes the reader on a deadly dash into the desert, and A Foundation of Fear, which will be released in 2018, strikes at the heart of corruption in our nation’s capital. I hope you will join in the excitement and drama.
When researcher Grace Talbot and her team discover a possible solution for weight loss they are targeted by a group dedicated tocontrolling the diet product industry worth billions. Her unsanctioned testing methods bring tragedy to the family ranch and the attention of the local sheriff’s deputy. With her colleagues either dead, missing, or on the run she soon realizes she must trust the deputy with her life, but can she trust him with her heart?

A Dose of Danger is available from: 

  •  Amazon 
  •  B&N 
  • print copies can be ordered online or through most bookstores

Excerpt from A Dose of Danger:
He couldn’t lock Grace in a bulletproof room and guard her twenty-four hours a day. For one, he doubted she would be agreeable. Between caring for the animals, her job, and making preparations to bring Moss home, she didn’t have the luxury of hiding. This wasn’t his only open case at the moment, and he still had the rest of his job to do.
Accidents happened. Snowmobilers got lost, and more storms were on the way. After he filled the sheriff in, he had no doubt the fire, the murder, and Grace would be the number one priority.
“Can you just humor me? I won’t sleep at night if you’re here alone, and I get real grumpy if I don’t get my eight hours,” he stated as she strode back into the kitchen.
Grace absorbed the concern and compassion in his eyes, and wanted nothing more than to throw herself in his arms and revel in his protective embrace. Instead, she kept her voice calm and let out an exasperated huff to indicate he had won, but that she wasn’t happy about the outcome.
“I don’t think I need a babysitter or a bodyguard, but if I can’t talk you out of staying, I guess you can have Moss’s room…top of the stairs, first door on the right. I washed and changed the sheets yesterday so everything would be nice and clean when he got home, and there are fresh towels in his bathroom.”
“Thank you. I’m sure we’ll get this all sorted out soon, so you can bring Moss home and try to get back to normal. I’m truly sorry for everything you’ve been through, and I just don’t want any more tragedy for you or Moss.”
Grace felt like a heel, but she just couldn’t help her childish behavior. He was thanking her and apologizing when she was the one who should be grateful, and she was, but leaning on someone was so foreign to her she struggled to express her feelings adequately.
“Look, I really appreciate all you’ve done, but you don’t need to keep doing my work. Moss has a long road to recovery, so I might as well get used to taking care of things alone. Now, I’ve got groceries to unload and chores to do, so feel free to shower, cook dinner, watch TV, or whatever intrigues you.”
He had expected more of a battle. Despite everything he had heard about Moss’s serious, independent, obstinate, standoffish niece, he sensed she was relieved. In the few days he’d known her, he had seen her cry, arrogant and ready to fight when threatened, sad and scared, and riddled with guilt, and the combination made him want to gather her close and hold her.
She was standing in front of him,hands on her hips, waiting for him to respond. Logan stepped forward. Tipping her chin up with his fingers he leaned over and kissed her lips gently until she stepped back out of reach. Her eyes widened with surprise, yet she said nothing. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled crookedly. “You said to do whatever intrigues me.”
“Oh, great, if I wasn’t afraid of someone whacking me over the head with a two-by-four, I’d throw your nice butt out of here so fast,” she replied as she spun on her heels and stormed out the door.

About the Author: 
Kim McMahill grew up in Wyoming, which is where she developed her sense of adventure and love of the outdoors. She started out writing non-fiction, but her passion for exotic world travel, outrageous adventures, stories of survival against the odds, and happily-ever-after endings soon drew her into a world of romantic suspense. Along with writing adventure novels Kim has also published over eighty travel and geographic articles and contributed to a travel anthology. When not writing, Kim enjoys gardening, traveling, and spending time with family. She currently resides in Colorado.

To learn more follow her:

Facebook at

Twitter at

visit her at

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Lessons Learned after One Year of an Author’s 12-Step Plan

“Anyone who knows me – even a little – knows that organization is not my strong suit, Not even close. To deal with this, I have created my own 12-step program to survive and thrive as both writer and marketer without killing someone or someone killing me. Making time for a blog is step four. It is a work in progress, so I thought I would share steps one through four with you today.”

12-step revisted

I wrote those words 13 months ago, and at the time I promised to come back and tell you how I was doing…so here goes.


At the time my goal was to finish. I am happy to report that I am making good progress on this one. This is a big hurdle for me in life, but not in writing. Since writing those words, I have finished two more books and a novella (soon to be seen here…stay tuned). I have incorporated Bedeviled into a collection, Sultry Nights, and am working on input to a second collection this spring. And for those watching for book four in the Beguiling Bachelor Series, it will be available in the spring.

Now I have more ambitious goals, to finish a certain number of books per year, increase readership of my books and my blog, attend a writers conference, increase the number of people who sign up for my email list (have you? If not please do.). The problem with my success is that I feel the need to build upon it.


“Step two: learn publishing, marketing, social media marketing, pick up some new valuable and very time consuming skills. Take some courses, read some great books. “On Writing” by Stephen King remains a favorite. Pay better attention to writers I love, from Jane Austen to Julia Quinn to Karen Marie Moning and lots in between. Need more organizing.”

This one continues to bedevil me. I am way smarter than I was a year ago, downright savvy in my use of social media – okay, that might be a little exaggerated, but I am certainly mastering Facebook at long last. Instagram still awaits. I am reading new authors and attending webinars and online courses to improve my skills. The problem I have is transitioning from the learning to the doing. I love the learning, I fear missing out on some new tool, secret, or skill. I am still a little stuck on step two, but I suspect I always will be, so let’s move on.


“Step 3: Write, and then write some more. Write some short stories and give them away to thank my loyal, generous fans. Finish “Bedazzled” then “Beholden”. Schedule my first book talk. Holy crap! I am an author/publisher before I know it.”

These were all accomplished and then some! How cool is that? The truth is that I love writing. I feel natural, at home when I am writing, Everything else feels like an intrusion, unnatural. So the writing flows, just see step one above.


“As I move through steps two and three I decide I want to blog, to share my experiences as writer, publisher, marketer, mother of cats and consumer of DVR’d television. But this requires arranging my schedule to accommodate everything. How to blog, tweet, pin and post and still find time to write?”

Enter Step 4: Find a way to organize all this.”

Well, here in the land of trying to organize myself, a lot has changed and a lot has remained the same. The same, the closet remains a mess, and Katie Schuppler  is returning next week to make sense of my wardrobe. I have a new personal assistant, Crystal Benedict. She is my sanity and salvation, but I have a part-time job now too, which pays me the wages I need to cover the cost of Crystal. That is good news and bad.

Surprisingly, the job is not the bad news. Quite the contrary. Sitting at the front desk of the B&B inspires new story ideas, and the schedule helps organize me. So that’s the good news. The bad is that it takes me away from everything else on my todo list. So, still…lots of work needed here, but the blog gets out twice a week, the books get written and marketed, and I still have a life. Definitely progress.



The first blog I ever wrote ended with those words. I am happy to report that I figured out a solution exercising the way I solved many of my problems – let an expert help. In this case it is my Fitbit. I set goals, and the Fitbit vibrates on my wrist hourly to remind me to move. It’s working. My steps are increasing.

It’s not going to get me up and running a marathon, but in my world, walking is an excellent start. Sometimes I am lucky enough to have a walking partner – my friend Nancy and her dog, or my sister, or my partner, Michael. Sometimes I dance in my livingroom like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. But I am moving.


I said twelve steps when i wrote that first blog but I never really thought about what would come next. Now I have some concrete goals. More emails and promotions that are meaningful to my readers, more interactions with other authors, more time with family and friends, more cooking. And more writing – always more writing.

When I wrote my first blog, I asked you to let me know if you enjoy it. That has not changed. Send your comments, share on Facebook. Sign up for my email list. In exchange, I will promise another annual status update on my writer’s journey.

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Shore is Magical, a Paranormal Romance by Annette Mardis

I’m so excited to welcome Annette Mardis here today.  Annette is here to tell us about her latest book. Shore is Magical is unique paranormal romance in her Gulf Shore Series. Welcome Annette!

Shore is Magical 

Gulf Shore Series Book 4

by Annette Mardis

About Shore is Magical:
After suffering losses that would’ve wrecked a lesser man, Kenshin Hamasaki has resigned himself to a life without true love. His perpetual grumpiness has damaged the few friendships he’s managed to forge, and his dalliances with women are superficial at best.

And then comes a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger named Marina, whose mere existence defies logic. She’s led what many would consider an idyllic life, but one that’s shrouded in secrecy. Marina longs to experience the limitless possibilities of Kenshin’s world. Yet, sharing the truth about herself could place her entire species in peril.

These two searching souls are drawn to each other by an animal attraction with the potential to change them in ways they never could’ve imagined. Lurking in the background, however, is a dark presence from Marina’s past, who threatens to end this unlikely pairing before she and Kenshin can fully explore whether they’re destined to be together.

Excerpt from Shore is Magical:

Looking up, Kenshin almost dropped his phone. He stared, eyes wide, mouth open, as a lithe form emerged from the pool, water cascading down her body. Where had she come from and, more importantly, why was she naked? Then he glanced behind her and received his second shock.

The rescued dolphin was — gone. Impossible. He gave his cheek a light smack to make sure he hadn’t succumbed to exhaustion and passed out. That was entirely possible, given he hadn’t slept more than two hours at a stretch since leaving Erica’s bed.

If this was a dream, it was incredibly realistic. Off the charts sexy, too.

The woman sauntering toward him was hotter than an egg yolk on Florida asphalt in August. Her shoulder-length brown hair framed a pair of turquoise eyes that shimmered like the sea. Her rosebud nipples all but begged for his touch, and he imagined himself at home between her long, supple legs, which were as toned as the rest of her.

The corners of her lips tipped up as if she’d read his mind. Kenshin’s gaze darted around the rehab unit, looking for backup if he needed it. But Kelsey had gone home early for a change, Flipper probably was loading up on caffeine and carbs, and Sitara was in her office catching up on paperwork.

Kenshin’s carnal fantasies dissolved amid concerns about a massive security breach.

“Who are you, and why are you here?” he demanded.

“You know who I am.” The woman’s voice was as smooth as spiced rum sliding over ice cubes. “You just don’t want to admit it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Your friends brought me here from the beach, jostling me around in that canvas thing. What do you call it?”

“Are you talking about the sling?”

“It felt like they dragged me across a rocky sea bottom. Very bad for the delicate skin.” She pouted and pointed to a chafe mark on her elbow. “Get something softer, for Poseidon’s sake.”

“This is…insane. Why aren’t you wearing clothes?”

She shrugged. “I didn’t bring any.” Cocking her head, she studied him for a moment before her expression turned playful. “Don’t you like me as I am? I thought the males of your species enjoyed seeing females without garments.”

What an odd way to say that guys lust after naked women.

“You’re beautiful, and I think you know that, but it’s beside the point.”

“Is it?”

She’d come close enough for Kenshin to stroke a hand down all that lush, bare flesh, and he almost did so to make sure she was real. Common sense kicked in before he acted on the impulse. Besides being a stranger, she was, well, strange.

“Listen, lady, I don’t know what your game is but —”

“Game? There is no game. Your people rescued me, and now I’m your responsibility. Isn’t that how this works?”

Kenshin glanced around again, convinced that any minute Flipper or someone would leap out and scream, “Gotcha!” This had to be a prank. Stuff like this didn’t happen otherwise, at least not to him. But after that dolphin encounter at the reef, anything seemed possible.

Kenshin felt her warm breath on his face. It smelled…fishy? When he wrinkled his nose, she clapped her hand over her mouth. Now she was self-conscious? He looked into her eyes, an inviting shade matched only by a secluded tropical lagoon.

“What’s your name?”


“Marina what?”

“Just Marina.”

About the Author: 

As a girl, Annette dreamed of being an astronaut, but she stank at science and math and became motion sick riding the bus home from school. So she went with her second choice—newspaper journalist—and stuck with it for more than three decades. After years of ignoring well-meaning people who said, “You should write a book,” she finally did. And then she wrote a few more. When she’s not working, Annette usually has her nose in someone else’s novel or her gaze glued to sports on TV. She has two totally spoiled pets, enjoys spending weekends with her husband in their travel trailer, and volunteers at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, home of diva dolphins Winter and Hope from the Dolphin Tale films.

Annette’s Links:

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