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HI, I’m Maddy.

I never could resist a happy ending, from fairy tales as a child to romance novels and classic movies. They were my bread and butter.

So it only made sense that when I took up a pen I would write romance. Contemporary romances, with smart, sassy women and powerful, sexy men.

My settings are Chicago, a town I love, one that is fun to explore and to write about. I use real settings, then add extra glamour, a billionaire or two, hot sex and romance, romance, romance.

I love immersing myself in stories, reading late into the night that novel I just can’t put down. As a kid, I recruited my friends and we acted out the stories I was reading, bringing them to life as best we could. I did the usual, college with a degree in Journalism, MBA, years of working for corporate America, before returning to my first love – books.

I have tons of ideas for stories and novels. So far, so good – the Beguiling Bachelor series continues to unfold while I work another series that I plan to share down the road.

Maddy's profile picI love cats. I usually have one or two helping me type – or taking a nap while I do the work. I love Chicago, its art fairs, its beaches, its culture and its cuisine, from the elegant to street food. And chocolate. I hate exercise, but a stroll down Michigan Avenue or through the Art Institute don’t count as a workout.

Won’t you escape with me? If you want to be the first to share in my world of elegance and opulence, to get in on more about my novels, my work, and the work of others, sign up for my newsletter.



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