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Finally, the new novel.

As most of you know by now, I have been struggling with writer’s block most of the winter. With spring comes flowers, and luckily, words. Now that I could be outside enjoying the warmer weather, I am glued to my computer. These days I am deep into writing the fourth and final book in the Beguiling Bachelor series. This last book, tentatively titled Besotted, closes the loop on our four handsome Lake Forest millionaires and their quests for love and happiness.

Just a Hint

Although it remains unedited, I thought you might want to see the beginning of the story – with the understanding that it could change later, of course. My editors love to do their work thoroughly and nothing misses their eagle eyes.

If all goes well – and it seldom does – watch for Besotted in July, fully edited and under its final title. Until then, watch this blog for updates on the progress of the story of Tyler and Regan.

Want to influence the ending, the cover, the next series? These are all still in the works, so post your comments and suggestions.

Chapter One

“Meet me behind the football stadium.”

He passed the note surreptitiously during second period, a half page of paper hastily ripped from his notebook. His scrawl was normally barely legible, but his nerves had added to the problem and he worried that she wouldn’t be able to read it. There was no reply and so he remained anxious the entire day.

“Mr. Winthrop, despite the fact that this is the final week of your senior year, your attention would be appreciated.” Mr. Finley impaled Tyler with his most threatening glare. Six months ago, that look would have had the teenager shaking in his very expensive shoes, but today he just gave a polite nod, pretending to pay attention. He was sure he missed some key to passing the final exam, but he had already taken the AP test, already been accepted to the college of his choice, already written his salutatorian speech. It was the end of high school; no one could expect him to pay attention. Still old habits died hard, so he chided himself and tried to concentrate.

Nope, his nerves definitely had the better of him. He stared straight ahead, appearing to be all ears, but his brain rehearsed and refined his speech to Regan until the bell rang.

“Finally,” he muttered under his breath, shoving everything into his backpack and rushing to beat the crowd out the door. Entering the hallway he was immediately accosted by his three closest friends, Randall, Alex and Wyatt.

Oh shit, not Wyatt.

“Where are you headed in such a hurry?” Wyatt prodded. “It better not be to sniff around my little sister.”

“Leave the poor guy alone,” Alex slammed into Wyatt just enough to make his point. “Regan could do way worse and you know it. So does T, so your threats are falling on deaf ears.”

“What are you going to do for the next four years, T, pine for the girl? You need to break it off and move on. College girls await, my man. You need to be free to partake.”

“Spoken like a true player, Wyatt,” Tyler accused.

“ What’s wrong with being a player?” Randall asked defensively. “Especially when you’re as good at it as he is?” Randall tipped his head in the direction of Wyatt. “He’s stolen every girl I’ve ever gone after. Just be grateful Regan is his sister or he’d have stolen her too.”

“Eeww,” Wyatt cringed at the idea.

“Seriously, what are you going to do, Tyler?” Wyatt asked again. “You can’t string her along for the next four years.”

“I know,” Tyler admitted reluctantly. “I am on my way to ‘have the talk’ with her right now, so get off my back.”

Don’t say too much Tyler. Let them think what they will.

“Good. I will feel much better when you break it off. And she’s a smart girl, she has to be expecting it.”

“Be gentle, Tyler,” Alex added. “She may know its coming, but it will still hurt.”

“Who cares, Alex?” Wyatt tossed out. “I just want him away from her instead of in her pants.”

“Wyatt, you are talking about your sister,” Randall gave his friend a stern look.

“Yeah, and you guys know Tyler. Would you trust him with your sister?”

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